Welcome to our new partners in serving the Myrtle Grove community: Lion’s Club International! Thank you for the food to distribute through our pantry as well as other donated items to distribute within our community! We look forward to partnering again soon!
We Celebrate Our Service Family
            Bud Bateman                     Don Berry                          Regina Cain-Cenate                      Ben Casalina (left)
             US Army Captain             Staff Sargent (Air Force)                   Lt. Colonel (Air Force)                        TSgt Air National Guard
                            Coast Guard Deputy Master Chief Petty Officer                                   Gregory Kyle Barton                                             Charles “Rob” Bushey                                                                  Airman 1st Class 
                                                                                                                                                           Air Force
 Christopher R. McWilliams                      Wesley Stephens                                  Andrew Norris
    Chief Master Sergeant                                   E5 Navy                                        SSgt. Marine Corp
          Air Force
       Justin Bussard                                    Markese Harris                                 Cole Flaherty
          1st Lt. Marine Corp                                  PVT  Army                                Master Sergeant Army
                                                                    (soldier on the right)                      18 years Active Duty &
                                                                                                                             8 combat deployments
       John R Boston                  William C. Cain                 David Carrick
      MSgt Air Force                   US Army WWII                 Navy 2nd Class 
            Died: 2008                               Died: 1972                              Died: 2011  
        Heidi Connors                  J.L. Ezell, Jr.
      E5 SK2 Storekeeper                Boatswain Mate
             Died: 2017                        1st Class   Navy 
                                                           Died: 2020 
       William Garrett                George Herndon                  William Hogan
      Army Air Force Sgt              CTM1 (E6) 1st Class PO                E8 Senior Chief PO
      Army Air Corp   WWII                         Navy                                        Navy
               Died:  2006                           Died:  2003                               Died: 2016
      Joseph Hunter                       Ken Laguens          Michael Rogers
Cpt. Army  WWII/Korea  POW                 CTR Chief PO                   E4 Air Force
Purple Heart Oak Leaf Cluster                   Navy                          Died: 2018
           Died: 1986                                    Died: 2013
 Jay F. Smith                     Roy Tritt                       Carlton “O.B.” Wallace
PFC Army WWII                  Fireman 1st Class                       Air Craft Mechanic
   Died: 2014                           Navy WWII                                       Navy
                                               Died: 2002                                    Died: 1997
      Kenneth H. White         Robert “Bob” Wright    Leon Marshall “Jack” Young
  100th Infantry Dv Army         Radioman 1st Class                      MSgt Army
       Purple Heart WWII                   Navy WWII                    Transportation Squadron
            Died: 1992                          Died: 2011                                Died: 1995   
    Hal Leitman                Max Andrew Harris               Eugene Door
     Coast Guard              Hospital Corpsman 1st Class     E5 Sgt. Army Air Force
          SAHM                                      Navy                        WWII B29 Tail Gunner Inst.
      Died: 2016                              Died: 2019                                Died: 2016
James William Storey               Quentin Black                   
Yeoman Chief Petty Officer                                                              Harold Boyd
            Navy                             Aerology USS San Jacinto      ACC Air Traffic Controller
        Died: 2021                                     Navy WWII                   Chief PO Navy  30 years
                                                              Died: 2021                           WWII Pacific
                                                                                                           Died: 1976
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